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Gosh finally got this done. It's been dragging for weeks! Anyway it's finally completed now. It's been a busy few weeks at work for me, and this week isn't going to be any better. Pardon me in places where the English sounds a little off... I just wanted to get this over and done with lol.

Ah an important note. There was no tweet for the 7th March Sakuraiba holiday episode. No idea why that's so... maybe the person managing the account was on leave/sick? *shrugs*

今夜10時の嵐にしやがれは…嵐と初共演!!実力派女優二階堂ふみが登場…二階堂ふみっていったいどんな人?嵐となぜかトランポリンに挑戦…天才大野が奇跡を起こす!▽そして、話題沸騰!超新星“クマムシ”が登場…名曲あったかいんだから~♪を嵐と大熱唱!! #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight, 10 pm, in Arashi ni Shiyagare... appearing with Arashi for the first time!! The actress with real abilities, Nikaidou Fumi will guest... just what kind of person is Nikaidou Fumi? Why is she trying the trampoline with Arashi... the genius Ohno creates a miracle! ▽And then, the boiling hot topic! The new superstar "Kumamuji*" appears... singing the hit song Attakaindakara~♪** enthusiatically with Arashi!! #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

*They named themselves after water bear aka tardigrades (It's called Kumamuji in Japanese). It's a really cool micro-animal that can survive in extreme environments.
**Literally: Because it's warm

今夜10時の嵐にしやがれは…汗だく!新垣結衣と嵐が肉体改造!最新ハリウッド式トレーニング!!▽謎の暗闇バイクで肉体をいじめ抜く…櫻井&松潤大興奮…大野が悲鳴!▽さらに最新無重力ヨガに嵐とガッキー挑戦!嵐とガッキーが逆さに吊るされる?! #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight, 10 pm, in Arashi ni Shiyagare...sweat! Aragaki Yui and Arashi does body sculpting! The latest Hollywood style training!! ▽Mysterious biking* in the darkness to create a muscular body… Sakurai & MatsuJun are really excited… Ohno whines! ▽After that, they try out the latest anti-gravity yoga! Arashi and Gakkii hangs upside down?! #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

*Cycling would be a better word, but I wrote it since they used the word ‘bike’ in katakana. The place they went to was Feel Cycle New York.

今夜の嵐にしやがれは「嵐の休日inロス&ラスベガス」編…自由人大野とクール松潤の2人旅!趣味も性格も真逆の2人が空いた休日をどう過ごすか…買い物…釣り…完全密着▽嵐LIVE!新曲「Sakura」を嵐にしやがれSPバージョン!最新デジタル技術と融合!桜舞う #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight’s Arashi ni Shiyagare is the [Arashi’s off day in Los (Angeles) & (Las) Vegas] volume… free spirited Ohno and cool Matsujun’s two person travel! The two who are complete opposites in interests and personality, how did they spend their off day… shopping… fishing… total coverage ▽Arashi LIVE! Special Arashi ni Shiyagare version of the new song [Sakura]! Integrating with the latest digital technology! Sakura dance #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

今夜10時の嵐にしやがれは…放送200回▽大物俳優大沢たかおが嵐と初共演…大沢たかおの㊙私生活を徹底解剖!!たかおが本気で答える!?▽さらにモテ俳優吉田鋼太郎に学ぶダンディ密会!!一触即発!?吉田VS松潤▽嵐の休日に密着…二宮の休日!!日テレ見学ツアー! #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight, 10 pm, in Arashi ni Shiyagare... 200th episode ▽The big shot actor Osawa Takao works with Arashi for the first time… Complete dissection of Osawa Takao’s secret private life!! Takao answers seriously!? ▽On top of that, a secret gathering to learn how to be dandy from the popular actor Yoshida Koutarou!! An explosive situation!? Yoshida VS MatsuJun ▽Total coverage of Arashi’s off day… Ninomiya’s off day!! Field trip in NTV! #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

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Yay part 2! Because was getting pretty long!

Looong review! )

And that’s it! The end of the show! Hope you liked the review! Whee finally finished it!!!! Yay!!!!

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Wahahaha! Another review, and again it’s delayed for so long! What, a whole week? It’s been a really crazy week. Rule violations… my phone dying… T.T

My phone dying really sucked… Wasted two evenings running around bringing my phone to repair phones and I think it’s a lost cause. Motherboard is fried. A freakin 64GB iPhone 5S!!! And I’ve only used it for freaking 16 months! Not that long, but already out of the 1 year warranty. Sucks!!! Can’t recontract till 4 months later too… ARGHS! I originally planned to use the phone for THREE years!!!!


Frustrations aside...

Again, this is another subbed episode… which is actually a good thing because it saves me the typing muahaha! Just read the subs in the pics ok? XD

Edit: This review NEVER finished in that week I planned to. A whole month delay now? Or more! Wahahaha!

PS: I compiled a list of Japanese vocab from this episode over here if you are interested.

Looooong review under cut! Be warned! )
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Yay! I'm back with more tweets minna! I'm just going to translate the tweets from the official Arashi ni Shiyagare account posted this year.

Pardon me if there are any mistakes!!

Here we go!

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If you are happy and you know it spare me a click? Or better still, a comment! XD
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Woah woah woah. It’s been so long since I did a bangui review! Things just got too busy! I doubt I’ll be more free this year… but I do always keep reviews at the back of my mind!!! I do enjoy doing it after all!

Well today’s review will be a short one though. Really! It’ll be like, the shortest review I’ve ever done. That is if anyone still remembers me anyway… It’s been so long since I was last actively doing reviews here. What, two years? Anyway it’s a short one because I think many people would have seen this episode long ago. I mean, it aired over two weeks ago and the subs were out over a week ago after all? Still, enjoy! XD

PS: I posted about some Japanese vocab from this episode here if you are interested.
It's the End of the World girls! )

Hai! And that’s was all for today’s episode! XD 

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Woots. This is crazy. Seriously. Crazy. I'm going to die next month. I can tell you that. Why are there no public holidays in November here? I would like, edit the photo itself, but I'm in the office now so...

But well. It's finally revealed. The air dates of Hawaii AnShi!

Please pardon me if there are any mistakes in translations!

Here goes!

Source: Newspaper article here.
Credits to the unknown person who took a photo of the news article, and the person who shared it on FB. Thank you very much for sharing! m(_ _)m
Special thanks to [ profile] jheili and [ profile] octavialao who helped me rephrase sentences I get stuck with.


Main Title: Arashi's Vacation in Hawaii
Captions, from top to bottom: Ohno fishing. Sakurai expeditious tour. Aiba surfing. MatsuJun shopping. Nino goes to the castle.
That little column of black text on the extreme right bottom corner: Arashi spent their holiday separately in Hawaii.

Smaller Title: Airing on the 1st and 8th of next month on NTV.

In the Nihon television group (NTV) show [Arashi ni Shiyagare] (Saturday 10pm) hosted by the popular group [Arashi], the members were closely followed as during their vacation when they went o Hawaii for their 15th anniversary concert. It was been decided that the Special episodes will air on the 1st and 8th of November.

The location shot was boldly filmed after the 2 day concert involving over 30,000 fans in Hawaii ended, in the last third of September. Because the 5 of them are always busy, the private time spent one to one with the director was a really precious 'off' time.

The way of passing the time differed for each of them. Ohno Satoshi (age 33) was fully satisfied with fishing. Sakurai Sho (age 32) did an expeditious tour of Kailua island with a perfectly allocated time schedule. Ninomiya Kazunari (age 31) went to Ko Olina where the concert venue was. Aiba Masaki (age 31) made for the surfboard workshop in order to buy a surfboard for Matsumoto Jun (age 31).

Enjoying his shopping trip in the Honolulu city center, Matsumoto said, "Because I did not drive by myself, it was a comfortable shopping experience. I really have no idea if the time spent would be appropriate for TV." He seems really relaxed. "Because I have completely no idea how the rest of the members spent their time, I'm looking forward to watching it during the studio recording."

Producer Tanaka Hiroshi, who proposed the segment, said confidently, "The members were purely thinking about how to spend their free time. It will be a segment that will show their individuality that's been cultivated for 15 years." Matsumoto appealed, "What kind of vacation did we have, what kind of souvenir did we prepare, please wait for it eagerly!"


Yes Jun! We are definitely waiting for it!

22nd October - The Digitalian official release date
1st November - Arashi ni Shiyagare Hawaii SP Part 1
6th November - VS Arashi Hawaii SP, Abunai Yakai (Should be on as per normal)
7th November - NHK Arashi Documentary
8th November - Arashi ni Shiyagare Hawaii SP Part 2, TSD
9th November - Tokyo Live (New show with Aiba as one of the hosts), Nino-san (Should be on per normal), Aiba Manabu (Should be on per normal)

What else have we got? Oh, in this whole week's Arashi Discovery Ohno will be talking about Hawaii. Abunai Hawaii has aired already... I heard that's Nino-san in Hawaii? No idea when that will be airing though (just checked, not this week either). If this isn't a crazy Arashi Matsuri, than what else is?

Off topic: Zero G PV!
Ahhh saw the gifs, saw the screen shots, I can't wait to go home and watch the news clips. Ahhhh the hip shaking! Ohno needs to choreograph more of their songs! More PVs with Ohno's choreographing please!!!
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Part 1 over here

Ok, let's continue on with the review!
Let Aiba's performance continue! )

And that ends this episode of AnShi and this review!

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Ok, so I know many people would like me to review AnShi, so here’s an AnShi episode for all of you! The previous episode of AnShi is really funny too, but someone has subbed it already… so if you want do watch it, do join the comm! (Oh wow, it’s a new subbing comm, i should sign up too :P)

Honestly I was worried after the AnShi revamp at first, because I was worried that the staff might be running out of ideas for the show, and that it may be going down the road of HnA (you know how at the end they were coming out with all sorts of new segments to try and revive the show, but to be nothing but the share house segment really worked). But I guess i was wrong! From the snowboarding to the massage… it seems to be getting more and more exciting each week! Saw the preview of this week’s episode and it’s a must watch. Though I must say… poor Ohno! A word of warning though, i probably won’t be able to translate a lot of the scolding bit so… >< gomen in advance!

AnShi time! )

Ok, sorry for the very bad cut off timing. But I'm afraid I'm reaching LJ’s word limit… please head over to Part 2!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Last spurt of pranks!

Prank Aiba again? )

And that’s it! The end! At long last! Gosh, even the last ten minutes took me a good hour to finish… alright, shall head off to bed now. I feel like a zombie already ><

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Man, this is such a long review ne? This is the last spurt now! A mere 22mins more of video to go!

Prank Aiba? )

AND I thought it would end at part 6. Turns out that I screen capped too much for Aiba’s part and now it has to be split into two. Gosh! Last part here!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Sorry for the huge two month break ne? >< Work and laziness really got to me. I'd end up lying on the bed after work and dinner, use the phone a bit, and then sleep. A whole week passes by and I'd realise I didn’t use my lappy at all >< And I end up surfing LJ at work during my free time, where I unfortunately can't watch shows and do reviews... But I'm finally getting it finished now! Merely halfway through the show but still...

Nino grumbles at being made to wait 2 months )

Next part coming later today is out! :P

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s a HUGE review coming up! 2.5 Hr SP AnShi! The HQ video itself is a whooping 2.5 GB large! Here’s wishing everyone a good year ahead… and here we go! Its AnShi time!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

On a side note, I’d like to recommend Tokio’s Ultraman dash to you guys as well. Just watched it and it was very entertaining :P


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Previous Parts:
Part 1
Part 2

Lets go, Ohno and bathtubs = love!
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Other parts:
Part 1
Part 3

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To be honest I didn’t want to review this episode of AnShi. I don’t like doing AnShi… it’s a talk bangumi and that means a ton more talking, difficult vocab, and a much harder time translating… BUT after watching the entire episode yesterday… I just can’t get over leader’s cute facial expression that I must share it with you guys. Its worth watching the episode just for it seriously. Even if you don’t understand a word of Japanese… (just skip the boring parts in between maybe). Okok, I’m biased towards leader but still…! You won’t regret watching this I assure you!

That said…  I won’t be translating some parts in the middle… mostly the talk in the Ninomi house segment. (That segment makes up the bulk of the whole show anyway.) I didn’t understand quite some bit of the talk so… :P I ended up translating most of it anyway.

EDIT: Between my urge to re-read fics, doctor visits and a day surgery, this thing took me way longer to finish then expected. Gomen ne ><
Also, after a long time of consideration, I've decided to change to using LJ cut instead of spoiler tags... Let me know if you prefer otherwise... I wish LJ lets you close back spoiler tags the way you can collapse the LJ cuts back...

Warning: This episode is FULL of screen caps of Ohno. Like literally FULL of it. Split into three parts partly because of my over screen capping, and because of a technical problem.

Notice: Will be going to Genting for holiday from this Friday till next Monday, so I guess I’ll be skipping some weeks VSA… I already can’t keep up with watching all their shows when I’m not even working… gosh how will I be able to keep up when I actually start work next year? ><

Skip to Part 2 or Part 3.

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My posts always seems to be too long... ><
Go back to Part 1?

NewImageNino then asks arashi to guess the food that SK doesn’t like. S: Sashimi!

NewImageSK: I love it loads!

NewImageJ: Sweet foods.

NewImageSK: I love sweet food the most!

NewImageNino doesn’t give Ohno a chance to guess :P

NewImageThe answer is vegetables!

NewImageThe next question is what music he listens to before competition. N: Why did we ask this question. Why he did come on his program…
A: Indeed.

NewImageJ: Let me think about it.

NewImageSho guesses first: Kaze no mukou e. The beijing olympics theme song

NewImageOhno guesses A.RA.SHI.

NewImageJ’s guess: Kitto daijyobu

NewImageAiba’s guess: Kimo no tame ni boku ga iru

NewImageAnd the answer! Sho by Yuzu! Hahaha i knew it wasn’t an Arashi song. Wouldn’t be Nino if it was so…!

NewImageSK: Sorry!

NewImageArashi: ...

NewImageAfter Nino teases Aiba some bit, Nino reveals the next answer. Uchimura said of Shirai: He does too many twists that its disgusting! (in the complementary way)

NewImageAiba asks if Uchimura can do the Shirai skill. SK: He can. We were at a training camp and playing together. We were doing twists together on the trampoline. The rest of them couldn’t catch up with us at all, and complained that “you guys are playing at a weird level!”.
He also talks about how there were a total of 6 passes in his routine. After he finished the 4th pass, he was confident that he could nail it already. Like the whole world was watching him with bated breath but he was the only one who was calm and confident.

NewImageAnd now we get to see his winning routine. (just search youtube for it if you’re interested XD )
Arashi asks him to give a running commentary of the routine.NewImage S: This time you’re a bit nervous?
SK: Nope, i was laughing.NewImage Its hard to take SSes of someone tumbling past at high speed… gomen ne? 1st pass. Two continuous twists… as much as I’m a gymnastics fan, I don’t know all the proper names for all the skills so… >< SK: If this wasn’t done properly (like ending in the correct position), the 2nd pass will fail.

NewImageAnd the 2nd pass… J: Over here did you feel good? SK: At that point in time there’s still no. 4 to worry about, so not yet.

NewImageAfter this is the 4th pass

NewImageSK said something about Uchimura Kohei having done a good performance, and wanting to put up a good performance too.

NewImageAnd the 4th pass that he was so worried about.

NewImageSK: At this point it was like ‘i made it!'

NewImageAnd the 5th pass. And this point he was no longer worried. Although he had a serious face, he felt that he had already nailed it.

NewImageAt the 6th pass, he felt that it was just like during his practices.
S: Relaxed?
O: Calm and collected?
SK: Yes, i think Kohei-san was right over there though. (not too sure about what he said here)NewImage

NewImageTwists too fast to be seen via the untrained eyes like mine.

NewImageNewImageThis is Uchimura Kohei btw, clapping for his junior XD

NewImageSlow motion video plus counting the number of twists.

NewImageNewImageNewImageThe 4th twist is completed right before he lands.

NewImageAnother look at his triumphant face XD

NewImageAfter the 4th pass he felt that he his earlier performance was done properly, and he just needed to finish the rest enjoyably.

NewImageThe quadruple twist at the end, he did it for the sake of the audience who came to watch him.
A: You actually thought of so much!NewImage Lol @ J!

NewImageAiba asks if we’ll get to see 4 and a half twists, or 5 twists in the future. SK: I don’t feel like doing it now, but if in the future a lot of people can do four twists already, maybe i’ll do it.

NewImageShirai shows his hand stand in the studio. Nino comments on how its hard to do it so slowly.

NewImageNewImageSho looking at the way the hands are positioned XD

NewImageThey ask him about how the hands are turned in.

NewImageNino gets forced to try.


hahahaha! Its like the age old joke… how many people does it take to do a handstand? All 5 member of arashi!

NewImageShirai can only laugh as he looks down at the mess of body. J and O are forcefully pushing N’s legs under his hands, like how it was done earlier by Shirai.

NewImageNewImageNewImageAnd done!

NewImageNewImageNext up, why is Shirai Kenzo not nervous at all?

NewImageIt was his first world championship, and what he believes is that Japan’s gymnastics is strong, and strong enough to ‘pull’ the world, so he believes that he is strong, and gives himself confidence, and that makes him not as nervous.
His first nationals was when he was in primary 5. He was really nervous then, and did not perform well. The failure made him realise that its useless to be nervous. In the next competition he just went with a relaxed state of mind, and wasn’t nervous. Like after a lot of consideration, he realised that its useless to be nervous because it won’t make you perform better, so its better not be be nervous. Only for him he’s more stiff at the start though.

NewImageNino decides to conduct a test to see if SK is really not nervous at all.

NewImageLOL. Putting the iPhone screen protector as a test. I’m good at that… don’t ask me to do for big objects like laptop though… it was utter headache… you can say that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to such stuff and with a huge screen like the laptop… -.-‘’’ so many air bubbles… ><

NewImageIt’s the staff’s handphone! He just got it like the day before, and the seal is still on even.

NewImageSK: Ah, please paste it on yourself!
Lol! This guy is really cute. IMHO this is more about how careful you are rather than nerves… NewImage They ask if he’s good at sticking on the screen protector. He replies that he doesn’t really do it, he just gets the shop staff to paste it for him.

NewImageThey laugh at his honest reply.

NewImageHe starts. J comments on how he tore off the entire protection layer in one go. Which is what i was about to say too. Its not a good idea as the chances of dust floating in the air and sticking onto the film is very high. Dust particles = air bubbles.

NewImageNewImageThat was fast!

NewImageSK: Umai! Umai kore! (This is good!)
SK looks the most surprised XD

NewImageSK: (the staff) will be very happy with this i think.

NewImageNewImageNicely stuck on!

NewImageSK loves watching and reading detective conan! He’ll record the anime every week, and he has the whole series of conan manga!

NewImageThey got conan to appear on the show!

NewImageNewImageNewImageSK: Kawaii!

NewImageNewImageNewImageN to conan: Shall we give him that?
Conan: *bunch of stuff about Shirai and the skill named after him* The thief is Shirai Kenzo!
SK: No!

NewImageNino asks if there’s anything he wants to ask Conan. SK: It’s a really detailed question but… recently Conan-kun changed his phone in the anime. NewImageSK: Why did you change your phone?
They repeated Conan’s introduction sentence as the answer XD

NewImageJ asks if Conan was really good friends with Nino. The staff starts playing the intro again and J gets angry XD

NewImageNewImageS: Conan joke ne?

NewImageConan has a challenge for Shirai, if he succeeds, Conan will give him a present.

NewImageIt’s a question from one of the Conan movies. If Shirai-san has watched the movie, he’ll be able to answer easily. (too bad i’ve only read the manga, have not watched the anime or any movie)

NewImageNewImageToo lazy to translate the qn >< Something about the king in the fish kingdom… and which is the previous (or was it next) king.

NewImageSK complains that he can’t really remember. He has watched all the movies though. Nino informs him that it’s the movies that aired in 2007.

NewImageSK: Ah! Its number 1!

NewImageHe got it right! It’s a pun on the word ika-sama. I think apart from meaning squid king, it also means previous king. (i think! some kind of word play lets just leave it as that)

NewImageAnd the present! A signed panel drawing of conan from the author!


NewImageSK: I’m more happy than (winning in) the world championships

NewImageAnd a last word from Conan. It’s the conan movie promotion!

NewImageJ had to ask the question abt Conan being friends with Nino again. And they end off with the post together XD

NewImageEven J has to laugh at that XD

NewImageWith that Conan-kun leaves and they move on to the last section of the board (and the show). The current biggest problem faced by SK.

NewImageAnd what is it? “Doesn’t understand fashion” Yup, that’s his headache right now. They remark about how indeed SK doesn’t have much chance to wear anything but jerseys (and his other sportswear)

NewImageN: After this, for the sake of SK, we are a really good corner just for him!

NewImageNewImageThey all complain about how the Ninomi house corner just ended like this.

NewImageAnd so we move on to the 2nd and last corner of today’s AnShi. The new corner Select Shop by Don Matsumoto J!

NewImageNewImageThis is the kind of clothes he wears normally. Cute! N: Understand understand! O: This kind of feeling ne? SK: I donttatck, i don’t know if it’ll be suitable or not
N: Like just wear what everybody is wearing yeah? SK: Ya
S: Something safe but still fashionable. What do you think about this J? Honestly.
J: To be honest, its not attacking at all (attacking in the sense of like, wearing something more unique, more outstanding, to show more individual personality etc…)
S: So if he attacks, what will be be like?
J: Ah… indeed… why don’t you come to my select shop?
And so they leave the studio to go to J’s select shop!NewImage SK: I’ve not really come to this kind of shops before

NewImageAnd there’s the shop XD

NewImageJ starts picking out some clothes right away

NewImageSK comments that he prefers the jackets more, and so they go off to look at the jackets.

NewImageJ: For example something like this…
SK is skinny but… ah the muscles!NewImage S: Matsujun is like a shop staff!

NewImageSK asks what to wear inside the jacket. J comments that just something that what J’s currently wearing will do… or if its him he’ll pick something like this (see below)

NewImageJ is totally in his serious mode now.

NewImageNewImageN: We are watching him just shopping normally!

NewImageJ decides that he wishes him to wear something more mature looking and picks out another jacket

NewImageNewImageNewImageA: Attack more for the bottom please! Use more colours… J: You’re noisy! SK: *laughs*

NewImageAiba: o.0 You can hear? N: We can be heard? J: Yes i can!
Wow, i thought they won’t hear what going on in the studio too!NewImage He sends SK off to change. J is confident of his selection

NewImageJ folds a pair of jeans and put it back on the shelf while Shirai is changing. Just like a shop attendant. Nino asks what he’ll pick if he were to go all out and attack. J: then it has to be this… *walks over and picks out a piece*

NewImageJ: Either this or...

NewImageJ: That.

NewImageChange completed!

NewImageI must agree the J’s choices are great. Esp love the red socks. Adds that touch of playfulness to the otherwise more serious/mature outfit.

NewImageJ comments that SK can wear this anywhere. The rest of Arashi requests for a more outstanding outfit. A ‘5 twists’ outfit…!

NewImageJ returns to the studio… clothes selection complete!

NewImageJ says that we’ll be able to see a SK that we’ve not seen before.

NewImageAnd the stage is set!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOh nice!

NewImageNewImageI can’t help but notice the number of rings he has on. Oh well, he fashion coordinator was J after all.. XD

NewImageNewImageI count at least 4 rings, two on each hand...

NewImageJ: This (the top) is from london, the shorts from new york, the shoes and hat from paris

NewImageAnd if you didn’t notice earlier, the cap has misname Kenzo on it!
Sho comments on how the outfit looks fits for a king. They ask how he feels about it.NewImage SK: Eh, its really embarrassing!

NewImageIf it was me I’d probably be feeling like how arashi did when they had to wear the transparent rain coat outfits :P

NewImageAnd the ending! Sho ask SK how was it. SK: It was really fun. S: Are you really Shirai-kun?
Hahaha XDNewImage 1,2,3,4 4 rings!
S: Ano, are you a lost child?NewImage SK: This is really embarrassing!

NewImageNewImageSho asks him to say a word about the Rio olympics in three years, as well as the Tokyo olympics in 7 year’s time.

NewImageHe couldn’t finish saying it properly though… Shirai’s outfit was really too amusing XD
J: I wished we asked about this earlier!NewImage After Sho asks the qn again, without laughing this time, SK answers. My rough translation: For Rio, he will be following in the footsteps of his seniors and they will be pulling him along. He will challenge and try to enjoy himself. But for Tokyo, he will be at the age where he will have to lead himself. He hopes to be a reliable Ace player then.

NewImageHe’ll be 23 during the Tokyo olympics, right at the prime of his career!

NewImageS: Be a reliable Ace, and then wear the Kenzo cap!

NewImageN: Hope to see you wearing this!

NewImageN: Keep wearing it!

Phew finally finished!

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Ok, its been a real long time since I last did AnS reviews. Not that I’ve done many in the 1st place. AnS is a talk bangumi and  translating all that talk is tedious work. Nonetheless since this week’s guest is Shirai Kenzo and I love watching Japanese gymnastics (my fav is still Uchimura Kohei though, I still can’t get over how that guy’s my age, the world’s strongest gymnast, AND a dad. Opps, I just said my age…). Anyhow… I will just skip over uninteresting parts as usual. (Actually more like the parts I can’t translate.)

We start off with the relatively new corner, the delicious but tedious shops in Tokyo segment.

NewImageOh this part is going to be bad, bad bad. I probably won’t be able to understand most of the ‘tedious’ part.

NewImageO and J are the ‘victims’ today.

NewImageThey got a tedious guest to join them today.

NewImageShe starts off with an imitation of someone else, which got everyone laughing a little.
This time the shop is in Shibuya. The MC asks if they (arashi) comes here in their private time.

NewImageJ: I do come but… I’m glad (the shop) its in the city.

NewImageEvery time i see this screen I’d wonder if the word tedious is a good/the best way to translate kudoi. But since the program themselves uses it… i’ll just follow suit. (I can’t think of anything else anyway).

NewImageToday they are visiting this shop.

NewImageNewImageIt’s a 35 year old famous shop, Kushi toku (hope i got that right).

NewImageMC starts by asking them what they think of the shop’s atmosphere. J: Its very clean/beautiful!

NewImageHere’s the shop owner. Apparently this kind of shops are aplenty in Osaka, but there are hardly any in Tokyo

NewImageAhhhhh this is hard to translate now. The shop owner’s real name (as in, he didn’t change it because of what he’s selling) is 三串. 串 means erm… skewer. As in the skewer in Kushiyaki (串焼き), which is exactly what his shop sells.
The MC goes on to explain that in this shop, there is no menu. The owner will bring out seasonal kushiyakis for the guests instead. NewImage First up is prawn shiso roll.

NewImageNewImageNewImageShop owner: The sauce in the middle is this shop’s pride. If you will try the sauce I will be extremely happy.

NewImageJ: Ja is it ok if i just dip it in the sauce?
Owner: Sauce! (Sou desu)NewImage MC: It has started! Delicious but tedious shop in Tokyo!
J and O: …NewImage Ahhh looks delicious! I’m hungry… ><

NewImageO: Ah umai!
J: Saku saku desu ne? (Saku saku meaning: SFX for quietly eating something lightly crunchy, like biscuits)
NewImage Owner: Yes, its my work (saku) desu.
Get the (lame) joke? XDNewImage Leader is amused.

NewImageNext up is this… arghs… I AM STARVING. Waiting for my dad to get home then we’ll going out for dinner to celebrate my mum’s bday. And I’m starving!!! Lets see how far I can get on this review before its dinner time XD.
Ok back to the show, this delicious looking thing is… tomato + sausage? NewImage Ah so that’s what it is. Sausage pieces plus mini tomato. An original creation by the shop owner.

NewImageTo be eaten with the ketchup sauce recommended by the owner.

NewImageYet another close up. Sorry, I just can’t resist.

NewImageThe shop owner made some joke about the tomato. Some word play which my level of Japanese does not allow my to fully comprehend...

NewImageJ: Oishii!
J says it’s a good mixture of Japanese and western.NewImage The shop owner explains that humans get hungry after laughing, so he makes his customers laugh and then they can eat more, and he’ll sell more and earn more :P

NewImageNext up is chicken. OMG look at how juicy it is…. *drools*

NewImageShop owner: This is ‘toriyasui toriniku’ desu. (meaning: easy to take, chicken meat. Another word play pun.) And another wordplay on the word salt that i can’t catch later, they start eating.

NewImageNewImageJ looks like he has flown to heaven :P
J comments on how the breadcrumbs used in the outer coat is very good. NewImage The breadcrumbs are self made, and purposely ground till they are extra fine to give the coating a light texture.

NewImageIndeed it looks as fine as sand
Guest: Its really light, just like my weight.
haha, guess she wants to be part of the action too.NewImage Just specially for them, the owner is taking requests on what they want to eat. Normally the shop owner will do all the choosing. The MC gives them some choices from 3 broad categories: meat, fish, and veggies. Ohno makes his request first.

NewImageO: Ja, the fish category, hamaguri (a type of shell fish).
NewImageHere it is! Spring onion and hamaguri! And then another joke about how this is called ‘beach melon’. Beach being the shellfish, and melon being the spring onion.

NewImageNewImageHahaha J’s face!

NewImageOhno comments on how the combination is perfect, and it feels like the taste got condensed.
Dinner time!
Right, allow me to side track for a bit… we had Japanese to celebrate my mum’s bday… ordered an amaebi sashimi  among other things and it comes with the shiso veggie. Not the first time i’ve eaten the leaf… it tastes kinda tangy, a little like mint but with a twist...

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Ok back to AnShi proper...

NewImage The next item they introduced was lotus root (ordered by the guest), with meat stuffed in the holes of the root.

NewImageIts curry flavoured meat! Wow, i so want to eat this!

NewImageNewImageLast is the pork ordered by J

NewImageIts pork and ginger. And they recommend it to be dipped in salt before eating.

NewImageNewImageJ: Unn! UMAI! The balance is superb!

NewImageKyaaaa…. just looking at their faces makes me hungry!

NewImageAnd that was tokyo delicious but tedious shop, file. no. 21!


Hohoho, now we move on to the main part of the show! The gold medalist in the floor exercise in this year’s world gymnastic championships at Antwerp. Watched his performance (and the rest of the Japanese team as well) during the competition period, so I was very excited when I found out that Shirai Kenzo is going on AnShi. This guy is freaking amazing I tell you! Only 17 and he twists like nobody can. He needs to work on his execution though - its not very clean and pretty, but hey he's only freaking 17! That’s like 2 years younger than my sis! I wonder if he’s good at the other apparatus though… wonder if he’ll be able to become an all rounder like Uchimura… but still, this guy has got the most difficult routine in the ENTIRE WORLD and I mean it literally! Crazy, just crazy! Definitely the next up and coming gymnastic star, you’ll see him shine in the Tokyo Olympics I swear.

NewImageYeah! AnS starto! (Gosh can you believe it? Its been a whole 5 days since i started watching this episode, and only now am I getting to the start. Been tired and busy with a wedding dinner and visits to the doctors… >< )

NewImageMy sis was remarking to me about how short this guy is… indeed… totally dwarfed by arashi… (and in the tall world of idols, arashi is like really short) he’s about my height… ah so this is how i will look like (in terms of height) if i were to stand with arashi… ><

NewImageSho introduces today’s guest. Which i’ve done earlier :P

NewImageSho asks how he feels, is he nervous because of all the cameras around, and the guests? He replies that he isn’t nervous at all. In fact, he’s the type who gets motivated because of all the guests watching.
Arashi comments on how great that is, and one of them said that (his feeling) is that of a star.NewImage Sho congratulates him on the gold medal win in Belgium. He is the youngest gold medalist in the history of Japanese gymnastics. Sho asked he if knew he would break this record if he wins. SK (Shirai Kenzo): Yes, I knew it beforehand. J: Did you have the confidence to get it? SK: As long as it (the quadruple twist i think, basically the most difficult item in his routine) succeeds, I will get gold.

NewImageEveryone is in awe of this young star.

NewImageHe’s the first guy to perform that skill successfully, and it’s now named after him. J asks if he was aware that the skill will be named after him. He reply was something like he wasn’t aware of it at all, until after the competition ended and they asked him about it during interviews, that he remembered about it.
Sho asks if someone who’s not Shirai does the Shirai (the skill), how will Shirai feel? SK: Ah, but i’ll be happy! Like, ah, that’s my skill!NewImage And we proceed to the first corner. News Live Ninomi Ya (Ninomi House)
Nino starts by asking J when he got into Johnnys. J: In 96. N: And Aiba? A: 96. (haha I know where he’s getting with this one… :P ) S: 95.

NewImageN: And Ohno? O: I don’t wanna say!
Finally he said it, he got into Johnnys in 1994. (which happens to be my sis’s birthday, and two years before Shirai was born haha. Arashi, you guys are getting OLD!)NewImage There, born in 1996, August 24.

NewImageThe two old guys looking… mystified.

NewImageThe next bit of info… Height 161cm - that’s my height! Weight 51kg - wayyy lighter than me. Body fat 8%… ><
Sho starts asking him about his muscles… and then he asks if its ok for Ohno to touch his muscles… NewImage Lol Oh-chan! Are you trying to scare the kid or something?



NewImageS: How? O: I love those muscles! S: Are you going to become a gay?
Lol oh-chan! That guy is still underaged!

NewImageNewImageOhno reports that his muscles are really soft. Not the rock hard type. Sho asks if its ok to his arm muscles. SK: As long as I take of my jersey its fine. O: Ah then take it off!

NewImageAnd ohno immediately starts helping him out of the jersey! LOLOLOL! Since when did Ohno have such a fascination for young boys… :P But i must say that Shirai reminds me of chibi J. Esp the thick eyebrows.

NewImageAh look at those huge muscles! SK: But this is totally on the skinny side.
Sho:  Ah indeed, Uchimura’s ones are really big ne?

NewImageNino checks out his non-existent muscles.

NewImageAiba helps him hold up the pin mic that fell off when he took the jersey off. SK wants to grab back themic. A: Its ok, just talk normally, it ok! SK: Ah thank you. And then Nino steals the show...

NewImageMuscles? What muscles! hahaha!

NewImageHis 1st turning point in life came at the tender age of 5, when he did his first back flip.

NewImageHe can’t rem when he first started trying to do back flips, or when he first succeeded. But he started gymnastics at the age of 3 as both his parents are teachers at a gymnastics club. Both his brothers are there as well, so he goes there with the feeling of going to a park to play.
S: Ah Uchimura was like that too yeah?

NewImageSK: The swing is like the trampoline, that kind of feel. J: The swing is like the trampoline????
A: Jumping on the trampoline to play at 3 years old ne?NewImage Nino announces that they have a video of Shirai doing backflips. The video is of Shirai when he was 6.

NewImageNewImageChibi Shirai did like  10 or more backflips in a row, with fantastic form, across the entire diagonal length of the mat.
N: Its not like he was playing at home and managed to do one messy backflip. He went like *up down up down* and did a lot of backflips.
SK: It was probably a game to see how many backflips we can do in a row, and I hate losing and so I did it.NewImage N: And 12 years later, at age 17, he’s turning point no. 2.
S: That’s right now isn’t it?
SK: Yes right now
N: Gold medalist at the world championships!

NewImageHow ever, no video of his quadruple twist will not be shown! LOL. Pesky nino. He explains that there’s some other stuff that he wants to do first and the video will be shown later.

NewImageThe origin of his twists comes from beef bowl rice! SK loves beef don. He’ll eat it even before competitions.

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