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Title: Nino's Butt
Length: One Shot (896 words)
Rating: R-21
Pairing: OT5, Ohmiya, Sakuraiba, Sakumoto
Summary: Who can resist Nino's butt?

A/N: Hi all! Been a while since my last fic huh? Been long time since I wrote regularly and been even longer since my last smut. Oh wells... Hope you like this one! :P

How can anyone resist Nino's butt? )
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Arashi's new album has been announced! I made a post on NM about it, check it out for more information!

What a weird name though... I wonder how the songs will be like... with a shounentai cover too huh? And freaking three editions. JE is out to make us BROKE. Amayzing crazy.
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What a title! Hahaha. If you've been following my LJ you would have known that I suck at coming up with titles.

I got my hands on The Digitalian LE album yesterday! Call me slow but... it was only after opening my copy that I realized that we got BOTH covers! Hahaha. The Vegetarian cover is just a sleeve, and when you take it out the inside is the same cover as the RE! With our five lovely boys! Hahahaha. I'm slow, I know! And I'm so lazy to upload the photos now hahaha...

But well after that I was just wondering around Orchard. Went to check out the new Orchard library, and it's really darn cool. I think the capacity in terms of books is lesser than the old one? Well it feels like there are lesser shelves... but the design and everything. It's just so damn freaking cool. Befitting of a library situation in Orchard for sure, though I do think the old one was good enough. I used to frequent the Orchard library a lot. Because of the location of my sec sch. Then they closed it, and the opening of a new library in Orchard kept getting delayed... till just a few days ago, it finally reopened. Ah words cannot properly describe the elegance of that place. My words at least. It looks really classy. Like a high class book shop. More like a bookshop than a library. Minimalist design and all. But well... Jurong regional library is where I go to for my books now though. Big and with a wide selection of the books I want. And most importantly, convenient. Not the nearest to my house alright, but near enough. And I'd pass by that station everyday to work too. (Not to mention all the shopping I could do as an aside...) Meh. I still have a bunch of library books to finish reading before it's due in a couple of days... Opps.

So I did go and eat some nice food yesterday...

And shopping... ahh went to Daiso (the 100 yen shop equivalent in SG) and lo and behold! I FINALLY found it. The neodymium magnets! I saw it once in the store, just one packet, and happily bought it. Been hoping to find it in the store ever since, but never had any luck till yesterday. These neodymium are much, much stronger than the conventional iron oxide and ceramic, ferric magnets (those black ones that break easily). They hold their magnetism wayyyy longer, and don't break. What do I need those neodymium magnets for you ask? No idea. Really. Apart from decorating (I won't call round sliver magnets decoration though) my already very full white boards... Gosh I should get a new, HUGE white board someday. My white boards are all filled with stuff stuck on them that I don't have space to write anything anymore. Well. I've had a fascination with magnets since I was young. Magnets and glow in the dark stuff. I loved them. And now I still get those urges to buy magnets and glow in the dark stuff occasionally. I don't make a beeline for these items when I go the the bookshop or departmental store nowadays (and for magnets, normal ferric ones are no longer attractive), but when I do see something interesting... and combine that with my increased spending power...

Long story short, I bought a ton of magnets yesterday.

White boards. I love white boards too. And not only because you can stick magnets onto them. I loved using white boards. When I had to memorize stuff, writing on white boards helped me remember things quicker. It's only nice if the white board is big though. *looks around my room* Darn. I need a big white board. And space to put that big white board.

Ok. I don't NEED it. I just WANT it.

Well in other news. I helped my dad order a macbook pro with retina display for my sis today. We upgraded the RAM to 16 GB. Again I debated whether to get an iMac. In the end I checked when Apple last refreshed the iMacs and decided against it. The mid range 21.5inch iMac I was aiming for was last refreshed on the 24th of Sept 2013, which makes it over a year old. And you know with technology, you only buy stuff when you really need them, because every year the technology just keeps getting better. And as I said previously, I am not in dire need of a new computing device. Plus with the fact that iMatc has not been refreshed in a while... I think it's better to wait till next year. Despite the lack of RAM and micro hangs, my lappy is still going pretty strong after all...

I think Apple's next move would be to push out a 'retina' display for the 21.5 inch iMacs. Whatever name the new screen will get. It happened on the iPhones, the iPods, the iPads, and iPad minis. Then the macbook pro. And now the 27 inch iMac. I do believe the 21.5 inchers would get a retina display too. We'll see. Either way I do think a refresh for the iMac line, the rest of the line, would be due soon. Oh wells. IF my lappy really dies, the iMac is just a few mouse clicks and a few days away... I'll have to get one eventually. It's just a problem of WHEN.

Alrights. That's all for now, getting tired! Till next time!
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So my plan to finish translating a particular program last weekend totally flopped. As usual. Meh. I should have seen that coming. Considering how bad a procrastinator I am. Opps. And then I was kinda... lazy too? So in the end I didn’t watch a single Arashi show either. What I DID do was erm. Rest. And sleep. And I did edit and post one more chapter of Spy Arashi. Which I posted over at RNA but still have not posted here.

J and I have been brainstorming about another multi-chaptered fic too. It's really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and such. And remember ideas we discussed but I forgot. (Though sometimes BOTH of us forgot). I managed to get a first draft of the prologue out. And a little of chapter 1. But well at the rate I'm going, and considering how long a series it's gonna be, and looking at how slow my Spy Arashi is going, I think the estimate time of completion for the new multi-chap would be during Arashi's 20th anniversary or something. Ok ok, maybe not THAT long, but I'm not kidding when I say it'll take me years, literally, to finish it. It probably won't go cold like Spy Arashi did for two years, but it'll still take me really long to write. All I can say is that it'll be my first AU fic and it's gonna be huge (for me at least). I dabbled at the idea of an AU fic at the start. Initially Spy could have become an AU. But in the end I found AUs too hard. You are literally building a world from scratch after all. I just did not have the skills then to write one (well actually, I don't even know if I have the skills NOW, but at least I have help!).

So yes, the title! Zero G! I didn't like it that much on first listen. Nor on the second. It's definitely not a love a first sight (listen) thing for me. But it did start to grow after a few more listens. I'm really hoping the sale goes well and that I'll get my paws on the LE dig italian (or vegetarian) before the end of this month. Though originally my reaction was like... WTF WHY DOES THE LE VERSION NOT HAVE A COVER WITH THE BOYS!!!! The fact that there's the PV + MAKING!!!! Yes it's been so long since they had a making video! Plus the photo book made me pleased with my purchase. I'm not quite rich enough to be both version yet. And looking at how pathetic my salary increase was, I'm still a loooonnnnggggg way to go.

Zero G aside... The news on the arrest of someone who's been uploading videos to DM is scary. Definitely very scary. I've heard that Japan was tightening their copyright laws, esp on animes and stuff... but this is the first time I heard of an arrest. Not fun indeed... Especially not for those doing the most risky thing of sharing the illegal goods. It's a reminder not just for all fans to follow the community rules, but also for those sharing to protect themselves.

Well... on the real life side. We had a final presentation for my group's project today. I did part of the lab tour... it went well, I only had a very small part after all. But yeah... I'm glad my public speaking skills have not left me entirely. I still have some work to finish up with this group though. By work, I mean experiments. Still no new, definitive word on where I would be sent to after this. But at least I got my contract renewal signed so yeah. I'll have a job.

Spent whatever free time I had yesterday, and a little of my time this morning to read The House of Hades and The Blood of Olympus. Somehow. I just assumed that I've read the House of Hades before. Thought I had. But turns out I had not. So I had two books to read. Which wasn't a bad deal either. But that now means that till I find another good fantasy writer - well at least one whose books I enjoy - I won't have anything new to read till next year. Dang.


Nov. 6th, 2012 04:44 pm
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Listening to popcorn while on my way to pick up my dads Mac from the repair center. Wanted to continue writing my fics but... Just couldn't concentrate when Akashi started playing. It's only the second time in listening to their new songs in popcorn so... I don't really like any of their new songs yet. Akashi is a great song though, but it ain't that new per say... I did take an instant liking to welcome to our party though XD been having that on repeat during my jogs since the day I got the song... The rest of the new songs? I think they'll get nicer as I listen to them more... Already I'm liking aiba's solo more than the 1st time round. The vocals seem quite soft in comparison to the background music though? Of course the mediocre iPhone standard issue earphones (no, not the new one) plus me being on the train could be a big contribution though. Ah! Ohno's solo now XD Okays, that's all for now tata!

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