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A little masterpost of all the random translations I do.

Music Station Voting Translation/Guide - Arashi's 15th Anniversary Special Program

News: Arashi's new album! - THE DIGITALIAN (2014). Original news article published on 09/09/2014.

News: Nino's SP Drama - Murder on Orient Express! - Original news article published on 14/09/2014.

Hawaii Blast Day 1 Set List - As well as a short translation of the Jweb article regarding the concert rules.

Of Japanese and Translations! - Some basic Japanese words/phrases, and some notes on translations.

Arashimikuji - Lot no. MJ-00006

Man arrested for violating Japanese Copyright Laws - Somber reminder, and a very concrete reason for why communities have rules, and rules have to be followed.

Arashimikuji - Lot numbers AM-00002, AM-00005, OS-00006, SS-00004, SS-00005 and MJ-00001.

Arashi ni Shiyagare - Arashi's vacation in Hawaii! - Arashi was closely followed while they had their vacation in Hawaii! Their vacation will be aired during two special episodes of AnShi!

Translation - Hironaka's Music Station blog, 26th September 2014 Arashi part - A translation of a short excerpt from Hironaka's blog entry.

Arashimikuji - Lot numbers SS-00002, SS-00006, NK-00003 and OS-00004.

Ohno's Jweb The Digitalian Message - From The Digitalian Special site!

Translation - Hironaka's Music Station blog, 24th Oct 2014, Arashi part - A translation of a short excerpt from Hironaka's blog entry.

News Article Translation: Arashi, First Single this year is theme song of Ikuta's drama "Ouroboros" - Original news article published on 11/1/2015

Tweets from Kan-san - Kan-san's VSA related tweets from 2nd Jan 2015 to 27th Jan 2015.

Translation: News on Aiba's New Drama! - News article translation on Aiba's new drama, Youkosou Wagaya e.

Kan-san's VSA tweets - 29th Jan 2015 and 5th Feb 2015 tweets

Tweets from the Official AnShi twitter account 1st Jan to 7th Feb tweets

VSA Tweets! (10th Feb to 5th Mar)

AnShi Tweets (14 Feb to 14 Mar 2015)

Translation - 2015.02.27 Hironaka Diary

VSA Tweets! (12th Mar to 10th May)

Sho's Magazine Interview Josei Jishin 15th Sept 2015

Ohno & Kids', Future Art Exhibition in Miyagi

Greeting message on Ohno's art exhibit - From the representative of the Marching J Foundation

Jun's Jweb entry - Enjoy Vol. 128

Sho GQ Magazine Interview, July 2010 no. 86 - Read about how Sho handles his busy schedule, and what he does in his free time.

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