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Notes for myself just so I wont forget...

Have a Request?
If you have some particular episode that you love loads and want me to review, feel free to request. So far I'm only reviewing VSA, HnA and AnShi episodes... Reviews depends on whether I'm free and more importantly if i can understand the Japanese. For that reason... i don't like AnShi episodes cos there so much difficult to understand talk! Links to HQ/good quality videos of the episode you wish me to review would be great too :)

Also, you MUST provide me with the air date. Otherwise air heads like me may get the request all wrong!

Requests List
[ profile] ansuhzol_117 wants a review of HnA for 13th sept 2012. Ohmiya episode with overalls for mannequin must item. The episode where ohno showed off the overalls he's been wearing for a week.

My To Do/To Watch list
- 24th Jan VSA and HnA
- Summer, Winter, Wherever you are Arashi Exchange
- Rainbow filling
- Aiba's last hope dra
- 5x15 fanfic?

Episodes that i want to review:
-AnShi 2nd episode with shimura ken
-Find the HnA episode with the adult show segment that the sharp tougue doc couldn’t arrange the arashi singles in the correct order. Nino shd be in that episode... might have been ohmiya?
- maybe review Tore episodes? Ohno,  (fail) aiba, and Jun...
-HnA last mission episodes?
-the AnS episode where Yashima Norito (dracula) went... and made arashi do the skit but arashi changed the script and ended up making the guest the criminal
-mago mago 101st episode.
- new year SPs

etc etc....

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