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A List of my Favourite Fanfics so that I know where to look if I get the urge to re-read ;)

Fallen Angels - [ profile] hippiefox (Ohno + Nino, sad/touching fic abt the underground society)

We'll Make a Storm Around the World - Hogwarts Year 1-5 - [ profile] arashiforyou

Love so Sweet - [ profile] yarukizero (MJ + Ohno)

Alliance of the Storm - [ profile] yarukizero (Aiba + Ohno) Hogwarts + arashi + Johnnys = bliss.

Heaven's Wind -  Ohno + OC. I don't quite like stories with OC in the main pairings... but this story is really good!

A Wish Gone Wrong - [ profile] tsunderellasays What would have happened if Arashi was never formed? Nino finds out in the hard way as he goes searching high and low for members of a group that was never formed.

The Hunter - [ profile] you_are_wait (Other stories by [ profile] you_are_wait is great too... 'The Dolls' is nice but kinda creepy... a bit too creepy for my liking >< )

The Biter Bit - [ profile] whenyoudesertme A hilarious one shot. Funny bits in every paragraph... its worth reads and re-reads!

Monday to Monday [Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 (last)] - [ profile] helenmaldon The title is a little weird IMO, but the story is good and i enjoy how the author put bits and pieces of funny references everywhere!

The Other Green Room and Kids These Days - [ profile] junmai I love the concept in this fic! (even though the author was inspired by someone else... i still think its superb!) What would happen if there was a realm... a realm of fanfiction? Arghs i can't summarize this fic properly, just go read it yourself to find out! XD

Bakumatsu - [ profile] fliuor Ohmiya and Junba. I like this one... set in the Edo era... the members are supporting different sides... how will they get together? I just love stories in this kind of settings! (other series are good too... but some are pretty scary, like the chimera one :X that one really spooked me out!) Ah the No man's land one shot is a really nice story... deep symbolism and worth the read!

Shinobu Series - [ profile] boblemon A ninja trilogy! Love this one so much! Its all completed now. Takes a while for arashi to get complete (as in, for the members to appear) but its well worth the wait! Its funny, romantic, great plot... i don't see any reason to dislike this :)

Watermelon Rendezvous - [ profile] auburn_witch Short two-shot that's really sweet but FULL of crack. The bunch of alternative titles gives a hint on what the story is about... e.g.: The Sho(w) must go on, Circus Boom Boom and the Ringmaster of Sloping Shoulders, In which Aiba makes a grand mess, Watermelons all the way. What's with all the watermelons... well you'll soon find out XD

A Trail of Cards/Kitten Tales - [ profile] finalu_beamu Master post of fanfic masterworks! I like most of the stories there... kitten tales are a bunch of light hearted stories about... kitten! What else? ;) A trail of cards is a mystery/thriller... gets a little spooky at times... but if you want something fluffy, than go for the kittens! XD Well its actually the shared journal of 2 people... i have no idea who's who when they are posting though :P

Cops and Robbers[ profile] kos_mos26 write fabulous cracks! Like absolutely CRACK. PURE CRACK! Main masterpost is over here. Secret agent aiba chan is nice as well - a story with a basis on a JE rumor... with that little bit of basis being blown WAY out of proportion in no time and LOADS and HEAP LOADS of crack. Crack and crap hahaha. If you tend to take things too seriously, then you really shouldn’t read this.

From the Mixed-up Files of Aiba Masaki, (Amateur) Detective - [ profile] helenmaldon My new favourite story! Written in the style of Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes... set in the late Victorian London. Very enjoyable story! Highly recommend this fic! She has also written a sequel to the story, and there is an Ohmiya prequel in the making!

To Catch a Thief - A Yama fic that I requested from [ profile] murasakinoyume. Thank you so much for writing it dear, I love it soooo much! <3 <3 <3 Hot, hot BDSM! You have been warned!

A Guide for the Care and Keeping of Devils - [ profile] junjun_pon A series of drabbles/one shots about Ohno and his pet devil! Very hilarious, and so, very, extremely cute!

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