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Apr. 5th, 2017 08:27 am
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 Ok... So the new TOS is out for LJ. Qn: How does it differ from the old one?

Will everyone move to DW? I guess if bulk of the people move... I'll follow suit... But how do I import all my stuff here? *sigh*

So much trouble... 


Apr. 3rd, 2017 09:39 pm
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Is when you finally get the confirmation on what time to report on the first day of work.

Countdown. Last 4 days at work.

Now all I need to do is buy some blouse and pants... While trying to not empty my pathetic bank account.


An Arashi fan told me she's coming to sg next week... And since it's just nice during my leave days... I offered to bring her around. I just hope I don't spend too much... LOL. I'm really perfectly happy to bring people around. Just that I need to watch my spending lol... But I guess it's a nice start to my short break... :P

Ok... NewsZero in 20 mins! Looking forward to it!
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Mass deleting comments on my LJ inbox...

It went over 100 again...

As usual, I can't keep up with my LJ inbox/discussion posts comments...

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the discussions!

Btw, Nihongo Manabu promotion... I broke down the I'll be there lyrics line by line, phrase by phrase (actually did this last week), so do check it out!

In other news. It's MAY! I'm watching Arashi shows from MAY last year. Finished all the April stuff and am stepping into May! I'm just 11 months behind now lol.

Hmm, that's all for now I guess...
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Yes. Wayyy too many things.

More filaments arrived earlier this week. Another 10.5 kg of it in fact. That's A LOT of space it needs. It'll all still in a box on the floor. I have no idea where to put them... :X

And of course, I cleared a lot of things from my office/bench... Brought a lot of stuff back. Like a crap ton of notebooks and sticky notes that I took from career fairs past... And all the tea that I stopped drinking... So that takes up a crap ton of space too... Where to put them all? Gosh... I kinda cleared a bit of stuff... So at least my table looks 'normal'. Not neat mind you, just back to my usual look. Not tooooo messy - at least I have some space to do my stuff. Yeah.

So I was on leave today. All I did was basically... Eat and sleep? Woke up at 9:30 am. Tried to do some stuff online but most of my time was spent trying to get the internet and the computer to work properly. Then we went out for buffet lunch. Hotpot. And the reason why I applied for leave today. Came back, I went to sleep. All the way till 6:30pm. Then I posted some stuff on SF... And tried to pack my table but mostly at loss on where to put my things... While playing Line Farm at the same time cos yeah games. And then we just had a late dinner... And now I've tried to put away a bit more things and it's 10 pm. Lol.

Where did all that time go? Sleep mostly...


I still have like... Three bags of stuff from work to clear. Well some will go straight to my office at the new job. Like my mug, and some stationary... But the rest... I'll need to find a new place to put them... :X


Too many things....

And no place to put them.

Counting down. Only one week of work left! 
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Wrote and posted my 100th fic. Just had to urge to write it. And that particular genre too. Non-con. The setting... The cast... The urge just... came.

The Chronicles is still on hiatus. I'll go back to looking at it tmr. Really in a bit of a bind there with the story...

Yeah. How to move it forward and all... I think a bit of time to let the story simmer in the back burner would be good...

There's more I want to talk about... But I'll make another FL-ed post...

Anyway... Fics.

AO3 tells me that I've written and posted 159898 words.

I'm a little surprised that my line friends have way lesser fics than me... Then again, they haven't been in the fandom as long..? But still I didn't start writing fics right away.... But well, more importantly, they write long chaptered fics. I do mostly one shots and drabbles. I'm definitely far from being the most prolific Arashi fic writer. Nah, not by a long shot. I think Krystal will have to take the cake for that. She's the absolute winner.

Oh wells. The number 100 just makes me happy. Even though it means absolutely nothing. Gives me a minor sense of accomplishment I guess... A point to boast about though really, honestly, it means nothing. It's not like I've even written that much, or that the stories were particularly outstanding? *shrugs*

That complicated feeling where you're kinda proud of yourself but also knowing that said accomplishment is nothing to be proud of...

That's all for now!
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I heard a number of people have migrated to DW from LJ, citing security fears as LJ servers are now routed through Russia or something...

I don't really get the difference between the servers going through USA and through Russia. Are the Russians more prone to checking through server traffic, and punishing people for copyright infringement? IIRC, the US shut down MU a few years back and are still at it, going after Kim dotcom...

If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

Either way, the main danger for Arashi fans is still JE IMO. And JE can send out a C&D letter to LJ or DW, it doesn't matter. Stuff on the web is out there on the web, for the world to see and discover... Which kinda suck when JE and Japan copyright is against it... Sigh.

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Yup. That's all I've been doing today. Posting to SF, finally finishing my review to NM together with the vocab list... And then advertising the [livejournal.com profile] arashi_bangumi community.

Oh and I'm live on mixlr right this very moment. It's been ages since I did a mixlr broadcast lol. Maybe I'll get to do a few more broadcasts this year *shrugs*

I wonder if people remember me. Like "oh, it's this person posting on arashi_on again" or something. Since not too long ago I just advertised Storm Freaks? And then I also post all over arashi_rabu and stuff... And of course if they'll already in SF they're probably sick of seeing my posts already? But if I don't post, no one will on SF :( (And that was how we ended up with a cycle filled with games...)

*arghs* *turns off monitoring on mixlr* I can't listen and think and post at the same time lol. Yeah. It's an irony. I don't actually listen to my own mixlr broadcast most of the time, because if I do, I can't do other work like doing my bangumi review or posting to NM and stuff... But I still like doing to broadcasts as it give a platform for fans to chat with each other, request songs and stuff... Even though I don't actually get all that many listeners... I kinda wanted to stop my mixlr subscription, cos it's 60 bucks a year (and I think it's in USD?)... But now my old plan has been discontinued. If I were to resubscribe, it'll cos $120 a year. And instead of being able to broadcast for 3 hours at a time, as many times as I want, it's limited to 3 hours per day. And sometimes I do want to broadcast longer than 3 hours a day. Can't seem to see that many other alternatives either... Seems like mostly people are doing live video these days. Like periscope, meerkat, fb live that sort of stuff. But nope. Definitely no live video for me. I'm not even dressed properly. Lol. And I don't actually want to spend X number of hours erm... idk? Video taping myself? I don't have that many things to talk about and all. I just want to play some arashi songs.

So yes.

NM post done. Not that it means anything, because honestly I want to do at least one post a week. And that means I should prepare to write a new post for next week already...

Have not been watching arashi tv shows again. Lagging behind again. *Sigh*

Also want to branch out and watch tetsuwan dash from Tokio too. Love the ultraman dash new year SP... And have always wondered what the regular shows are like. But I see the ads when watching TSD and it looks really interesting... Maybe I will slowly start downloading the show... At least keep them in my HD...

Spent a bunch of $$$ again sigh. Could no longer resist and got the beats x earphones. So hopefully I don't have to struggle with getting my earphone wires caught somewhere ever again. I'm wondering if I can claim that expense at work... Personal benefits and stuff. Also I'll need a new HD soon. But at least that's 100% claimable. Gotta use up those extra $ anyway... So yeah...

My new 3d pen arrived already... I'll see if I can find some time to play with it later... After I end my broadcast maybe? Or something. Anyway... Not too bad. Did get a bunch of stuff done though the NM review dragged on for way too long...

That's all for now I guess...

Do check out my reviews and posts on Nihongo Manabu!
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99 fics.

How many years has it been since I said 'I want to hit 100 fics this year'?

I've lost count, but I think it's been at least two years... In any case... It's been a whooping 3 years since RNA was made...

Finally... After such a long time...

99 fics.

Just one more to go... Maybe tmr I'll write another drabble/one shot.

Yeah man.
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Title: Cyber Criminal Aiba Masaki
Length: 321 words
Rating: G (PG for language)
Pairing: Aiba Centric
Summary: After an unfair firing, Aiba turned bad.

Aiba was deflated. )

A/N: This came from the prompt 'cyber criminal Aiba'... I know it's OOC for Aiba, but yeah that's just how it turned out. If my brain can piece together a sequel, I'll write one.
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Title: Language Issues
Length: 803 words
Rating: G (PG for language)
Pairing: General Arashi Friendship
Summary: Ohno won a prize at his family's New Year bingo tournament... Only that there was a slight problem...

It was in holy... )
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Title: Winter
Length: 294 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohno Centric
Summary: Winter means something special to Ohno.

Winter. )
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Title: Unicorns
Length: 232 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohba
Summary: Aiba tries to make a unicorn.

Give it back! )
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Title: Snow
Length: 86 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Sho centric
Summary: Should Sho be happy or sad?

Let it snow! )
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Title: Burger
Length: 143 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Nino wants a burger.

Im hungry )
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Title: Punishment
Length: 91 words
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Jun misjudged Nino.

A/N: Wrote this in like... 3 minutes lol. Stole the drabble prompt from [livejournal.com profile] negai3104. :P

I love you too Samii )

“I love you too Samii” Nino smirked as he raised the whip again.
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Series Title: The Chronicles
Author: Biohazard Geeky Nutcracker [livejournal.com profile] coolohoh
Rating: G
Pairing: OT5
Summary: The land of Vihar has been thrown into chaos. Is there anyone with the bravery and skills to save the world?

More about the fic: An epic fantasy, with magic, swords, and archery. The Chronicles tells tales of friendship and adventure as our heroes work to save Vihar!

Disclaimer and notice to all readers: This is a really long fic, over 60 chapters and I'm still maybe... halfway through the story. I'm determined to finish this series though! Each chapter is really short, typically under 500 words... So I'll try and post a chapter daily to make up for the short chapters. Don't ask me why I make each chapter so short. It just is. That's how it ends up and that'll be how I post it. It's more like a drabble series? Only that each chapter is generally slightly longer than even the looser definitions of a drabble...

I've mentioned many JE characters in my story, but I don't actually follow any JE group besides Arashi. Please do not take offense if your favourite JE idol was OOC, unfairly represented or anything... I'm merely using their names because it makes it easier for me to write when I have a face to refer to, rather than completely making up a new character. (Not that there aren't made up characters too but... nevermind.)

Comments are most welcomed. Anything beside complain about the short chapters (see above). I hope you'll enjoy the story!

A new chapter will be posted daily. Check back everyday or join [livejournal.com profile] nutty_arashi to receive updates!

This post will not be updated. Please refer to the masterpost on [livejournal.com profile] nutty_arashi here


Feb. 12th, 2017 12:26 pm
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A big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] yuidirnt for helping me to migrate my over 90 fics to AO3!

If you like, you can read my fics on AO3 here.

I will still continue posting them to [livejournal.com profile] nutty_arashi and here on my blog though... I really like the community and interaction that's available here. I don't *just* want to post fics... I also blog about my life and do all sorts of other crap... And I want the friends I made here to also read my fics and leave comments... While having a view counter and a 'kudos' thing on AO3 is nice... I'd very much love to get comments, constructive feedback from my readers...

Anyway... I'm looking back at my old fics and fixing the dates on AO3 because we imported the fics from RNA, and old readers would know that I started RNA in 2014... Roughly two years after I started writing fanfics.

(It's also kinda the reason why my personal blog ranking is so low now. I advertise RNA instead of my own blog... And I stopped doing translations... -These days if I do translations, they would probably go to SF anyway...)

So yup...

That's the score on the fanfic side.

In other matters.


My 3D pen is having problems... The feeding mechanism doesn't work properly anymore - only after just a few uses. Sigh. I have to like, manually push the filaments through. So I ended up ordering a V3 3D scribbler... Which uses the 1.75 mm filaments that I have a ton of... And hopefully is a much more durable, well made pen. Sigh, the perils of buying stuff on kickstarter. I did email the makers, but it seems like they have still not finished shipping their product, a whole year after the first ones went out the door. Seems unlikely that I'll get it replaced or even a reply from them...


Still, I picked the cheapest shipping option for the 3D pen so it'll take a few weeks to arrive at the quickest. Darn it. At least I see a lot of youtubers using the 3D scribbler... And they are even at V3 already so these guys are serious about making 3D drawing pens. Gah. Can't wait for the pen to arrive. Watching all those videos on youtube makes me drool. I want to hone my skills and make those videos too!

So that'll be a side project of mine all year long and beyond... Meanwhile I'll keep writing, finding jobs, and learning. Oh. Reading and listening to podcasts too.
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Hahaha. If you're a member of [livejournal.com profile] nutty_arashi, [livejournal.com profile] arashirabu, [livejournal.com profile] kotobayori, [livejournal.com profile] jent_fanfics, and my friend... Then you must be seeing A LOT of posts from me these few days.


Hahaha. It can't be helped. I'm in a writing roll now and I'm gonna very well make sure that I write. Instead of like 1 fic a week like I tried to do last time... Nope, it's multiply (though short) fics a day. On those days that I feel particularly inclined to write that is.

So write I will. My evernote records tells me that I'm at 93 finished one shots and drabbles now. A whooping 93 whee! If you count the two unfinished series... That's 95? Whee! Just 5 short of a hundred!

Happy happy happy.

Now let's see what I have to do today... Do up the vocab post on NM... Then edit my CV...? Hmmph...
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Just looked at my posts tagged new year resolutions. Strange. I thought I did make a post last year but apparently not. That or it's not tagged.

Oh wells.


I think I finally have some resolutions.

- Write something everyday.
I've always wonder how people could do 30 day drabble challenges and stuff. How can you take any random prompt and turn it into something?

Well... So this year... I'd like to write more. And it can be anything. Just a random blog post, a diary entry in my private journal, or even my physical diary... Or an actual fanfic - The Chronicles, or other one shot and drabbles... Maybe I'll even take another look at Spy Arashi and see what I can do with it. Posts on Nihongo manabu count too. Like this news zero review I did yesterday. Going to do up a vocab post before I advertise it on arashi bangumi. Hopefully I can get that done tonight? Or maybe I should do up my CV and cover letter...

But anyway... Write a little something daily. If I do more drabbles, I'll hit 100 fics in no time...

- Reach an average of 100 daily views on Nihongo Manabu. It's currently still sitting at around 20-30+ views daily during normal times. Shall start doing and posting reviews on the site, hopefully that will help me attract more daily visitors.

- Divide my time between catching up with Arashi tv shows, learning web dev, and building up a new site.

I guess find a better job should be on the list too but yeah...

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