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If you've been wondering why I've kinda disappeared from the web... It's because pretty much the entire of yesterday and today was spent helping my dad get his iphone 7 plus. Well yesterday was just going around the mall and checking out pretty much every major phone out on the market. Oppo, samsung, iPhone, Huawei....  

And despite all that, dad couldn't make a decision... So the actual buying was left till this afternoon.

After finally getting the phone, we spent hours looking for a phone cover.... Finally he got two plastic soft cases at 2 for $10. Seriously he spends just a little too much time on these things... And then the screen protector. We went to so many shops too for it... Cos you know these days they come up with tempered glass screen protectors that are so small? Some leave such a big gap on the sides that a good few mm of the LCD isn't covered? Of course dad wasn't pleased and we shopped around a lot. Until finally he got sick of it and found one that was slightly bigger, and left only like one mm of the screen unprotected. Well honestly that's something I'm also unhappy about. Like the screen protectors are freaking small... But well that's just the way everyone manufactures the stuff these days. Sigh.

Then I helped him set up some basic stuff. Mail, contacts, calendar... And with each item he checks and double checks to see if it's working etc.... 

So yup. It's now past 11 pm. And it's the first day of work tmr... I'm wondering what I should bring... Found a notebook from my career fair looting days and dumped it in my bag. A rather thick (like 1 inch?) notebook.... Gonna leave that in the office. I wonder how it's like... At least I should get a desk right? Gotta pack a few pens and stuff to leave in the office too I guess? Mugs and other 'luxury goods' can wait....

Hmm... Excited and nervous... No idea what's it like at all... Hmmm.... I don't even really know how to get to the place from the MRT station. Like, I've never actually walked that route before. Cos the HR was in a different building away from the hospital.

No idea how long the journey will take too... Ahh... So many unknowns. Hope I'll like working there and all... I'm more nervous than excited maybe. Apprehensive. I don't even really remember the faces of the people who interviewed me anymore... It's been quite a while...

Hmmm... And I'll be wearing new clothes too...

So many unknowns.

Meh. I'm sleepy... Gotta get a few things done then head to bed... The rest of the web stuff will have to wait. Sigh. In the end I only managed to catch up till June 2016 shows. Thought I could watch more over the weekend but nope. Dad's stupid note 4 had to die on Thurs. Like really geez! Of all the time to die. In the middle of nowhere. Half a year after the iPhone 7 came out and another half a year there about till the next iPhone/samsung note release. If it died earlier than dad will just get the iPhone without a doubt. But then cos the exploding note problem came along, and the phone could still hang on, we decided to wait... But nope the phone wouldn't let us wait... So yeah. 

It's that sort of feeling when you just bought a new gadget and then in a few months a new one comes out that we hate... And the iphone isn't cheap too....

But at least, the chances of it failing prematurely are much lower than a samsung.... Still the case I'm afraid...

Oppo phones actually look good, with great specs, at a much cheaper price w/o contract... But the carriers don't' subsidise it as much, making it a less attractive option when you're buying a phone with contract. The thing about phones like Oppo and Huawei though, is that they run a re-skinned version of android. For people like me, and also my dad... (?), we like playing with the tech and stuff, and not having the full, 'proper' android version really sucks. Basically you aren't getting a lot of the features of the newest OS... Like the split screen features in Nougat. Pretty sure the re-skinned EMUI or something on Huawei phones doesn't have it. And Oppo is even worst cos it's still running the Color OS based on android 6.0 i.e. Marshmallow. (Nougat is android 7.0.)

Why do they have to use re-skinned android? I really don't understand.... They just can't leave the OS alone... At least Samsung doesn't redo the OS almost completely like the rest does.... Meh, then again I've yet to see a Nexus phone or a Pixel so I don't even know what unmodified android looks like. I'd honestly like to see a Pixel. Heard so many good comments about the phone and all...

Meh. I'm really a tech junkie huh? Thanks to all the tech podcasts I subscribe and listen to... I know all the latest tech news and stuff.. Though in my two weeks of vacation I barely listened to any podcasts and now I have over 100 episodes and over 4 gb of podcasts accumulated... And a lot of the episodes are in the 1-2 hour long range too :( Even though I listen to them at the max speed (around 2.2x? it's a variable speed) it still takes forever to finish listening to one episode... I really should cut down on the number of podcasts I follow but... Each one is really very interesting and I've learnt so much... I just hope that I'll be able to keep up my listening habits in the lab at my new job too...

So yeah... Haven't had the time to update any of the masterposts... Or to even do my runescape guild weeklies. Heck, haven't even played vainglory in a while... Too much stuff to be done. Spent bulk of my vacation on DW... *sigh* 

And now, the vacation is over... :(

Oh wells. New start tmr. Hoping that everything is good.

Alright. It's really getting quite late now. That's all then...

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