The end!

Apr. 21st, 2017 10:56 pm
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And so it's done. Turned in all my cards and passes... All my lab notebooks and data... Logged out from everything and deleted my user account in my work pc... All over. I'm 'unemployed' for the weekend.

All that's left is my uni staff card with my hole punched through the middle of the magnetic strip - I opted to keep the card as a souvenir since they gave the option.

Now some compartments of my leather wallet - another product from kickstarter - are lose because of the fewer cards. Kinda worried if my ezlink and condo card will fall out... If I hold the wallet with the compartment opening facing down and shake, the cards do come out... The soft leather is kinda rubbed thin at some parts because it's always in my pocket, and well, I sweat.... Maybe I'll change to another kickstarter wallet soon...

Was a rather lonely last day at work. Though I did spend some time talking to two of my colleagues. And got a farewell card from them and a gift card whee! Thank you! 

Though I'd kinda wished it was a gift card to kino but no I really shouldn't be looking at a gift horse in the mouth. And it was really thoughtful of them, a gift card to spotlight... Because I guess they know about my various crafting hobbies. But unfortunately spotlight sells more of those... crafting supplies...? If only it was for say... art friend, I'd have a ton of things to buy... :P Cos I don't really sew... But I've not been to spotlight in a long time cos it's out of the way... I'm sure I'll find a ton of stuff to get if I go there... Cos well... I just love these sort of crafting stuff regardless.

So thank you!

Ah... Still haven't watched the I'll be there PV or making.

And no, I've not done any comm invites or SF membership, and I won't be doing them tonight. Please be a little more patient ok? I'm really tired now and there's some things I need to do - e.g. layout before I start sending out the invites.

Honestly I'm surprised at the number of PMs I've received. I mean, it was a tiny comm to began with. And then I've been on hiatus since forever.... But already I have like... 10% of the members PM me. It's been days since SF@DW opened and we don't even have 10% of of the members there yet. In one day I got like maybe 1/3 or more of the current SF@DW membership numbers in term of PMs.... I'm surprised...

But yeah, I did say in the post that you'll have to wait a while before the invites get processed. Consider yourself warned. 

Went out for dinner with my jc friends earlier.

As usual, there was a lot of hospital talk cos that's what happens when you put two doctors and one pharmacist together. And hurrah, come next monday, I'll also be sort of stepping into that world with my job in the hospital research lab.

And I must say that I've always really enjoyed listening to their stories. Fascinating. I've always been interesting in that area of science after all. No that I want or ever wanted to be a medical doctor. It's just not a job for me. Med school would have killed me with all the memorisation work, and I don't enjoy talking to people anyway. I doubt seeing and treating patients will give me any joy. Heck, even just attempting to do sales made me so mentally exhausted. Nope, not for me.

But learning about that stuff? Always have loved it. Really enjoyed the talk. And I'm happy to be finally stepping back into the world. To me medical related research, whether more on the clinical side or more towards basic research, has always been where I should be. Where the game is. And now I'm finally stepping back into the game. Finally.


I'm back. 
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