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Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog.

You are free to subscribe to my blog, but unless I actually 'know' you (say if you've commented on my blog/posts for a while), I won't grant you access to my friend locked posts. Most of my posts are public anyway. 

Ok. So you want to know a little about me? Here goes.

First up, I'm really long winded, so consider yourself adequately warned. 

I migrated my blog over from LJ after the new TOS changes and seeing a friend suspended got my paranoid about the longevity of my account in LJ. 

I've been fairly active in the fandom... You've probably seen my username around in various places (otherwise, just how did you end up here?)

I started becoming a fan of Arashi... Who knows when? Sometime around 2008, give or take a year or so. It never dawned on me to take notice of such things. I was introduced by my sis. Told me about the boys and passed me some of their songs. Later I started watching some of their shows - D no arashi etc - and then well... It just snowballed from there? My sis also introduced me to some fanfics... And that was how I got started in LJ. Made my own account and eventually started blogging there, and even started writing my own fics.

So well, apart from fic writings, I've also done a bunch of Arashi bangumi reviews, and these days I've even made my own Japanese learning site over at Nihongo Manabu. I'm also a mod over at [community profile] storm_freaks , posting random stuff, news, and making games/events in the community. Yeah... I do own/manage quite a few communities. Besides storm_freaks, check out my fanfic community at [community profile] nutty_arashi , and the arashi bangumi review community at [community profile] arashi_bangumi . Also am involved in a few other communities but yeah, those are the main ones.

Hmm that's all for the fandom stuff I guess? (This is actually my freaking third time writing the post because the 1st time chrome hanged and crashed, entry gone when all I had left was the last bit. Second time, somehow I must have jammed the wrong keys and had the posting tab closed, and entry was also gone... So here's hoping this post gets done with no further accidents. I've already spend hours writing and rewriting this $!$!$!)

As for my RL stuff...

Well... As mentioned, I know Japanese. Started off with some really basic Japanese lessons in Uni, then moved on to watching Chinese subbed Arashi stuff online... Then one day I was watching AnShi streaming, and only about 20 mins in did I notice that there were no subs. And I'd understood most of the talk. And from then on, I realised I didn't need to wait for subs anymore. Writing those bangumi reviews really helped too, as it forced me to listen carefully, even replaying the same part a couple of times to catch the words, and then searching the dictionary to try and understand what was just said. And that was how I passed JLPT N4 and N3 without studying. I think I'm around N2 now...

Ok. Some other random things.

I'm a science lover and a geek. I'm working as a research assistant, and next week I'll be starting at my new job with the same title. Hoping that the work environment and everything will be a ton better than the current one!

I've started learning web dev, and as mentioned earlier, I have my own site here. Have some ideas for a couple of other sites and hopefully I'll be able to work on them slowly throughout the year.

I absolutely love all sorts of electronic gadgets. Spend way too much money on them and on kickstarter stuff... Well here, I'll make a list.

Things Coolohoh spends way too much $$$ on:

- Arashi concert goods, magazines, books, and novels (from the dramas and movies they act in)
At least I've used some of the concert goods like the AYH  planner. That was definitely worth the $. But the books/novels/magazines? I just buy and don't read them. Esp the Japanese novels... :X Opps. Definitely trying to cut down on my buying of Arashi magazines...

- 3D printing filaments. 
One of my latest hobbies. After eraser carving, I'm now playing with my 3D pen. Thing is, I've bought way too many reels of filaments (each reel is like 1kg?). I've got over 30 kg of filaments in my room now and no place to properly store them.

- Pens and other stationery. 
Fountain pens are my new love. Just love how the pointy ends go across the page. Some nibs are more scratchy, some more smooth... Each with their own characteristic... I've got a bunch of fountain pens now... And quite a few bottles of fountain pen inks. But that's not all.  Previously I've backed a number of pen projects on kickstarter. So aluminium machined pens? Titanium pens? Even fidget pens? I have them all... So yeah, a ton of pens.

- Other electronics stuff
Erm well, I have four weaknesses. Food, science, electronics and other gadgets, and Arashi.

- Gudetama and sumikko gurashi stuff.
Erm. Got a bunch of sumikko gurashi soft toys lying in front of my computer and in an absolute mess. I just love that stuff ok?

- Other stuff from Tokyuu hands.
Love that shop. If only I'm rich enough to buy them all. Big big money trap. Together with other bookstores like Kinokuniya and Popular, as well as the other Japanese lifestyle shop Daiso. Bad, very bad. Wallet empty.

*takes a deep breath*

I guess that's it for now.... I can't think of anything much else to say. For now. Part of me is also tired after having to rewrite this for the 3trd time.

Alright. Cya around!

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Date: 2017-04-20 11:39 am (UTC)
kurisucchi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kurisucchi
Nice!! More get to know about you!
I honestly dont like research, so it is amazing that you work as a resesrch assistant! XD

I also love tokyuu hands. My trap stores include that and sekaido, kinokuniya, animate ^_^
Edited Date: 2017-04-20 02:17 pm (UTC)

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Date: 2017-04-23 08:57 am (UTC)
kurisucchi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kurisucchi
that is why I always go bankrupt in my japan trips ^^;
everytime I stop over those trap stores, my wallet dies!

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Date: 2017-04-20 12:33 pm (UTC)
rainbow_teatime: rainbow, teatime, rainbow_teatime (Default)
From: [personal profile] rainbow_teatime
Replying for comment counts lol ;P

Your post reminds me- I really should do an intro post to my journal as well. Ahhh~ I have so much to do on DW~ >.>

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