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Yes. Wayyy too many things.

More filaments arrived earlier this week. Another 10.5 kg of it in fact. That's A LOT of space it needs. It'll all still in a box on the floor. I have no idea where to put them... :X

And of course, I cleared a lot of things from my office/bench... Brought a lot of stuff back. Like a crap ton of notebooks and sticky notes that I took from career fairs past... And all the tea that I stopped drinking... So that takes up a crap ton of space too... Where to put them all? Gosh... I kinda cleared a bit of stuff... So at least my table looks 'normal'. Not neat mind you, just back to my usual look. Not tooooo messy - at least I have some space to do my stuff. Yeah.

So I was on leave today. All I did was basically... Eat and sleep? Woke up at 9:30 am. Tried to do some stuff online but most of my time was spent trying to get the internet and the computer to work properly. Then we went out for buffet lunch. Hotpot. And the reason why I applied for leave today. Came back, I went to sleep. All the way till 6:30pm. Then I posted some stuff on SF... And tried to pack my table but mostly at loss on where to put my things... While playing Line Farm at the same time cos yeah games. And then we just had a late dinner... And now I've tried to put away a bit more things and it's 10 pm. Lol.

Where did all that time go? Sleep mostly...


I still have like... Three bags of stuff from work to clear. Well some will go straight to my office at the new job. Like my mug, and some stationary... But the rest... I'll need to find a new place to put them... :X


Too many things....

And no place to put them.

Counting down. Only one week of work left! 

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