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6 more days of work to go, excluding the last day where I definitely won't be doing any work.

Emptied the bulk of my belongings from my desk and bench already. There's still some stuff lying around of course, that I'll clear out over the next week... But the bulk of it is at home already...

Every single one of my items... It's coming back home with me.

I don't feel like working already. Boss still wants me to do a bunch of experiments? You crazy? I'm on holiday mood dude.

Meh... If she really wants, if those people she asked me to help comes to ask me, then I'll have no choice... But I'm not going to bother checking up on them. I don't get any shit for helping them anyway. Will they even credit me? Heck, will what I help them with even come to anything? *shrugs*

I'm all stocked up about my new job. I need to hear back from the HR there... But heck, the contract is signed, the clinic says everything on my physical exam is normal. I'm just waiting for the last confirmation... For the clinic to get back to the hr, and the hr to get back to me...

Almost two weeks of leave... Though I still have a freaking 5 days left of leave but I won't be able to clear that... No other break besides that... Gonna start on my new job immediately. Definitely a much needed change. Looking forward to working in a place without stupid things like CCTVs at every freaking lab bench. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.

Told a bunch of people that I'm leaving. Next week I gotta clean up my bench/settle stuff with the lab execs. Then I'm done. Goodbye. Whoever wants to catch me for anything you only have next week to do so. All done.

Can't wait.

I have no idea what the work environment is like there... But I think being worst than my current workplace is quite some hurdle to beat...

Anyway, I've been catching up on my Arashi shows lately. Been watching a crapton of 99.9 navi/promotional shows. Definitely looks like an interesting drama... And since I have it downloaded already, I'll watch it eventually, when I get around to catching up with Arashi shows lol. Well I'm already in mid-end April... Slowed down by the massive amounts of sekai muzu and 99.9 promo videos... Finally got to watch the first two episodes of Gutto Sports. IT'S FUCKING AMAZING. Love it. Helps that I kinda know quite a few Japanese athletes too and that I'm rather interested in learning sports in general. Heck, I'm interested to learn about almost everything. That's why Aiba Manabu is one of my favourite shows. I think soon Gutto Sports will be added to the list.

Slowly but surely... Trying to reduce the 1 year back log but a few weeks of not watching brings it right up again. Lol. At least I've got a bunch of leave days coming up. So you bet I'll spend that watching Arashi and making stuff with my 3D pen. Probably I'll set up a new site for my 3D pen works too. That's definitely an area with few players. Definitely something I want to get into. Yeah, my replacement pen arrived. Seems to work ok just that the extrusion gets slow once the pen gets hot. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way... But boy is that pen hot... So yeah, I am forced to take frequent breaks. Definitely a side effect of the weather sigh. It's like 28-29 °C at night. Like, at 12am, 1am kind of night. And it's only the very beginning of the hot season. Sigh. Not looking forward to it. Hope my air plants won't die lol. I'm still leaving them out by the windowsill. Watching them daily though... And the sun. If it starts to get scorching hot... I'll have to find an alternative place for my plants. One of them has 3 babies after the flowering. COOL. It's freaking budding. No need to buy new plants unless I want new types... I have BABY PLANTS man. More plants to water everyday! Nice. I love it... The routine of misting them every morning before I head out. Sometimes if I'm bored I mist them at night too cos why not. They dry really fast anyway... Since I do have a fan blowing in that general direction... Like 5, 10 mins? Doubt there's risk of them rotting... In this hot weather... :X

Yeah. My replacement 3D pen is here, and yesterday a huge box of yet more 3d pen filaments arrived. Hurrah. Now I have all the 'regular' colors. Now I can make my pikachu and charmander and squirtle. Lol.

Jigglypuff.Halloween edition?

Finished my half done jigglypuff, though I was thoroughly impatient by the time the pen arrived and make a total mess out of it. Made a marill too, marill looks way, way better. Really cute too.


Would like to video my work the next time. Gotta set things up... And it's definitely gonna go on youtube. Heck, people can get like a half a million views posting these stuff. I don't see why I can't do it too. Would like to sell these figurines too. Where can I sell them... Etsy maybe? I'll have to poke around and see... See what people are willing to offer... It's a work of art ya know? I don't want to sell at for just a few dollars... Oh wells. We'll see how things goes. But I'm definitely going to do this... I guess that'll be my main goal for the coming leave period then.

Alright. That's all for now. Gonna batch and play some runescape while watching some Arashi shows. Got a runescape event that's happening now that I wanna complete. Till next time.

PS: Hurrah, my first public post about my job search status.

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