Apr. 21st, 2017

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And so... I've pinned my DW reading page on chrome and now it sits there besides my LJ friend feed.

I just looked at my reading page and gosh... So many updates. Nice nice... Things are getting more lively here. Hoping that more comms will moveover... Cos gah... Who knows what's gonna happen in LJ now? I don't want to see my favourite comms disappearing... Or if my own LJ disappears... That'll really suck too...

So I'm now flooded with emails from LJ because I get an email notification every time I get a PM. Sigh. I'll settle the membership stuff... This weekend I guess.

No more holiday. :(

It's my last day of work at this job tmr. Next monday I'll be reporting to a new job at a new location...

And well, I spent the last few hours looking at the flood of emails in my inbox on my phone... While not being able to do anything about it cos I was helping my dad.

Well, it's definitely not a waste of time, but it still makes me feel like a whole chunk of time disappeared because in a sense it did....

Not a waste of time though.


My dad's Note 4 died a sudden death this morning. Apparently it was super hot when he checked the phone this morning to turn the power off the charger. And then he just couldn't power on the phone. Black screen all the way. Not even like, stuck in a boot loop or anything of that sort. Nope. It just won't power on. Black screen all the way. Take out battery, replace, press power button... Charge again, put in battery while plugged in etc... He even has a spare battery to try and nope. Nothing works. The phone is dead as a dodo.` 

Thankfully, I've got some spare phones lying around...

My dad's iPhone 4s that he used, and passed over to my when my iPhone 5s died, and the xiaomi note red my parents got for me as a holdover phone when my 5s died and my contract was still far from ending. In the end I used my dad's 4s for about... Half a year or so.

Yeah. Both phones still work. The 4s is what.... Hmmm, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, now 5 going 6 years old. Still works fine. Why oh why did my 5s get burnt out :( Sigh. Cos I freaking fell asleep while playing on my phone and somehow because of the game, the screen didn't turn off. It just ran the whole night. Worst still, I freaking slept on my phone and it basically just got sooo hot till I finally woke up. And in that process, the insides got burnt up. Sigh.

So we spent like... 3 hours or so getting some of the basic stuff to work on the xiaomi. Cos well, the 4s has such a tiny screen and my dad's eyesight isn't what it used to be anymore. Heck, in this age of large phones, even the 4s looks tiny to me. It took us super long to get the google calendar set up cos we kept getting a server error. In the end it turns out that we had to reinstall the google calendar app..

And then there was the on/off button to fix by stuffing some paper underneath the casing...

And loads of other stuff that we did here and there to try and recover some data onto the phone and all...

Now my dad's deciding between the galaxy S8+ and the iPhone 7+. Cos well... He's not really willing to wait all the way till sept/oct, and now after the sudden death of his note 4, he's no longer keen on getting the note.

Oh wells. We'll see...

Ultimately it's his own decision to make on whether to stick with samsung or go back to iOS. He's used both OS before and the pros and cons of each side is still the same...

Hmm... I guess that's all for now... Let me go clear some of my DW inbox... And I'll think about the LJ stuff after my last day of work. Maybe I'll go PM some comm mods too... I think it's better for the community as a whole if we all move to DW.... :X

The end!

Apr. 21st, 2017 10:56 pm
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And so it's done. Turned in all my cards and passes... All my lab notebooks and data... Logged out from everything and deleted my user account in my work pc... All over. I'm 'unemployed' for the weekend.

All that's left is my uni staff card with my hole punched through the middle of the magnetic strip - I opted to keep the card as a souvenir since they gave the option.

Now some compartments of my leather wallet - another product from kickstarter - are lose because of the fewer cards. Kinda worried if my ezlink and condo card will fall out... If I hold the wallet with the compartment opening facing down and shake, the cards do come out... The soft leather is kinda rubbed thin at some parts because it's always in my pocket, and well, I sweat.... Maybe I'll change to another kickstarter wallet soon...

Was a rather lonely last day at work. Though I did spend some time talking to two of my colleagues. And got a farewell card from them and a gift card whee! Thank you! 

Though I'd kinda wished it was a gift card to kino but no I really shouldn't be looking at a gift horse in the mouth. And it was really thoughtful of them, a gift card to spotlight... Because I guess they know about my various crafting hobbies. But unfortunately spotlight sells more of those... crafting supplies...? If only it was for say... art friend, I'd have a ton of things to buy... :P Cos I don't really sew... But I've not been to spotlight in a long time cos it's out of the way... I'm sure I'll find a ton of stuff to get if I go there... Cos well... I just love these sort of crafting stuff regardless.

So thank you!

Ah... Still haven't watched the I'll be there PV or making.

And no, I've not done any comm invites or SF membership, and I won't be doing them tonight. Please be a little more patient ok? I'm really tired now and there's some things I need to do - e.g. layout before I start sending out the invites.

Honestly I'm surprised at the number of PMs I've received. I mean, it was a tiny comm to began with. And then I've been on hiatus since forever.... But already I have like... 10% of the members PM me. It's been days since SF@DW opened and we don't even have 10% of of the members there yet. In one day I got like maybe 1/3 or more of the current SF@DW membership numbers in term of PMs.... I'm surprised...

But yeah, I did say in the post that you'll have to wait a while before the invites get processed. Consider yourself warned. 

Went out for dinner with my jc friends earlier.

As usual, there was a lot of hospital talk cos that's what happens when you put two doctors and one pharmacist together. And hurrah, come next monday, I'll also be sort of stepping into that world with my job in the hospital research lab.

And I must say that I've always really enjoyed listening to their stories. Fascinating. I've always been interesting in that area of science after all. No that I want or ever wanted to be a medical doctor. It's just not a job for me. Med school would have killed me with all the memorisation work, and I don't enjoy talking to people anyway. I doubt seeing and treating patients will give me any joy. Heck, even just attempting to do sales made me so mentally exhausted. Nope, not for me.

But learning about that stuff? Always have loved it. Really enjoyed the talk. And I'm happy to be finally stepping back into the world. To me medical related research, whether more on the clinical side or more towards basic research, has always been where I should be. Where the game is. And now I'm finally stepping back into the game. Finally.


I'm back. 

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