Apr. 20th, 2017

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Crazy days ahead?

Well definitely crazy days ahead in SG. We're stepping into the hot season again. The weather is getting crazy hot. It's almost 2am and still 29.2 °C . Worst still, insects are everywhere. I'm getting new insect bites every single day. And that's despite all the mosquito repellent I spray... Started burning some incense today but I'm still seeing insects flying around the room. WTF? Already got another fresh bite on my wrist. Worst still are the ones on your feet. Like the one on the bottom of my left foot that I 'acquired' two days ago. Geez. Thankfully none on my toes so far... Those are super duper itchy....!!!

Possibly crazy days on LJ too? Not sure if a mass deletion is coming but I've seen quite a few accounts suspended just looking through the list of members in arashi-on. Not a good sign...? I have an ominous feeling that something bad is coming...

Now all that I'm hoping to see on DW is for the new post editor to get finished and come out of beta. Or for these two points of improvements to the current post editor. 1) the ability to select tags from a list 2) show the rich text editor menu bar in the HTML editor. That way I can do my post in HTML and still use the button for adding in a link instead of switching over to the rich text editor or typing out the entire thing in html myself cos well, I'm lazy ok? And it's much faster to just press a button rather than type out all that a href stuff. A better interface when inserting photos and the ability to link to accounts like instagram would be much appreciated too, though not as important as the ability to select tags from a list, rather than typing from memory or posting first then editing and adding in the tags later.


Last day of my leave left. Next week I'm starting on my new job....

Spent the last two days doing nothing but watching Arashi shows. Today in particular was watching TSD all the way up till... End of Aug. Yeah... Still at the start of June for the rest of the shows... But progress!!!

Not done a single thing with my 3D pen though, and it feels like I won't tmr either... Oh wells... Bulk of my time last week was spent on DW... Moving communities over... Updating 1 masterpost... Ok, I did update my masterpost for The Chronicles as well as all the links back to the masterpost on each chapter. And then I got sick/bored of it and cried "enough!". And started watching Arashi shows instead.

Have I already mentioned that I watched 99.9? It was so fucking good. Great cast, solid storyline... Jun was cute... Oh I think I did talk about it previously already...

So... Still 2 months more to go till my target Aug... And there's still so many other things to do...

Suddenly I'm feeling the urgent need to get my comms up and running on DW again...

Oh yeah... I did pick a new layout for my DW personal blog, but I've not customised it yet....

New job next week... Excited... Hope it's good.

Wanted to write more... But now I'm too tired to make sense anymore... So that's all. Nights.
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This is it. I think this will be my last post on my LJ personal blog. My last post of substance anyway. After hearing about a friend who got her LJ account suddenly suspended for no reason.... I'm worried. Really worried. I have no idea if this is the start of a mass deletion, or just a mistake... Cos honestly I can think of no idea why her account would be suspended. She's not even a fanfic writer so???

And since I have all my posts imported to LJ already in anycase...

It really makes no difference to me if I stop crossposting to LJ.

If you would like to continue reading my random rants, then please come to subscribe to my DW blog. Yes, same username. Posts that would have been public on LJ will still be public on DW. If I find the post a little too sensitive, then I'll friend lock it as I did on LJ. If you are dying to read my friend locked posts... Then I'm afraid you'll have to let me get to know you... Comment on my public posts for a while, then request access. If you know me from elsewhere, then please send me a PM or something and let me know where we met and I'll grant you access.

For the most part, my posts are public anyway, so there isn't that much that you're missing out.

No, I'm not going to delete my LJ. There are still LJ comms to access... And well it has a lot of sentimental value to me, and I'm a very sentimental person.

I'm still hoping that more comms will join in the move to DW. Everyone of you reading this post, do me a favor: Ask your favourite LJ comm if they are moving to DW and encourage them to do so. I've asked a few comms, but the more people who ask, the better it is and the higher the chances of communities moving.

Ok, on second thoughts, I might still use my personal blog to encourage people to move to DW... Then again, how many people actually read my personal LJ? That's something that I'd really like to know... So many silent readers....

So yes, please move to DW, at least create a backup on DW. It's really easy to import your entries to DW after all.... Check out my guide here. And get your friends and favourite communities to move too! We need everyone to move together for this to work!

Yeah. What else did I want to say? Oh yes....

Here are some communities you can join on DW. Yes, it's all self promotion. Partly because there aren't that many comms on DW yet, and partly because not everyone lets you share their comm/site openly so to stay on the safe side and not break any rules... :P

For a DW counterpart to arashi-on or a-ra-shi, we have [community profile] arashi_off .

For a arashrabu counterpart (i.e. fanfic advertisements), we have [community profile] arashics .

I've already moved my arashi bangumi review comm to DW over at [community profile] arashi_bangumi .

Also, [community profile] storm_freaks  @DW is up and running, but we can't keep track of two places at once so game and points still run on LJ till 30 June 2017.

Finally, my personal fic comm [community profile] nutty_arashi  (well together with J and octavia) has been backed up and all to DW already, layout looks nice too... But because I've been lazy, the masterposts have not been updated yet. Otherwise everything else is done... (Ok, the masterpost is like 99% of the work so...)

Yup... That's all I guess. See you at Dreamwidth! 

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What can you do with a clothes peg? Well, press it of course.

And so began my finger strength training as I was watching the TV last night.... And as I headed back into my room after the TV session, I took the clothes peg along because... Who would miss a single clothes peg right?

As I sat around wondering what to do earlier... My eyes fell on the clothes peg and I used some blu-tack (I always have a little blob stuck on my desk within handy reach) and stuck the clothes peg on the table, laid my hand flat, and tried using my 4th finger and pinky to press on that thing. A handy resistance training tool for your fingers...

And guess what? It confirmed what I already knew - my left fingers are stronger than my right.

And yes, I'm right handed.

Just that now it finally struck me just how much stronger my left hand (or at least, fingers, are.)


I believe it's because I always have to carry big bottles of bacteria cultures... I usually have three bottles, so it's two in the left, and one on the right. When carrying two bottles in one hand, you take the neck of one bottle with your forefinger and thumb, and the other bottle goes between my forefinger and the middle finger, with the rest of the fingers also closing around the bottle...

The size of the bottles vary, but after all the times of carrying the bottles like this, my left hand can easily carry a 1L glass bottle with 500ml or so of liquid inside as the second bottle - i.e. supported by my middle, 4th finger and pinky. And the time when I tried to do that with my right hand? I could barely do it. Had to stop midway during the short walk to set the 2nd bottle down and pick it up again because I could feel it slipping off. Boy was my right fingers tired.

It's funny how there are some things that as a right hander... My right hand can't do. Why did I pick up two bottles with my left hand and not my right? Maybe cos I want to open the door with my right hand... Then again, no, I usually kick the door open, or if it opens inwards, I'll have to elbow the handle and then kick it open.... *shrugs* no idea.

And well... I can't use my phone properly with my right hand. If it's single handed use, it has to be my left hand. Like typing/swyping (Ok, I use swiftkey though, not swype), my right thumb is way less efficient. How come? Idk... My left hand has always been my phoning hand for as long as I can remember. Makes sense too, like when I'm eating alone. Right hand with the chopsticks, left hand with the phone. For a while I did try... But my left hand basically still can't really use chopsticks.

I still want to teach my left hand to write though. More like... It's been an on and off thing that I've been trying to get my left hand to do since I was in kindergarten. My left hand can write, but really slowly... And if I try to write faster, it basically goes out of control. Not to mention that it cramps quickly.

Yeah... Shall keep it up... Write with my lefty every now and then. Hmm maybe every time I write in my physical diary? Yeah... That would be fun/nice. A short left hand writing section. That'll probably help my lefty improve quickly if I keep up my physical diary writing frequency...

Alright... That's all for now... Maybe later?
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Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog.

You are free to subscribe to my blog, but unless I actually 'know' you (say if you've commented on my blog/posts for a while), I won't grant you access to my friend locked posts. Most of my posts are public anyway. 

Ok. So you want to know a little about me? Here goes.

First up, I'm really long winded, so consider yourself adequately warned. 

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Alright. Cya around!

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